Unveiling Glory: THE GREATEST SHOW Boxing Event Partners

Are You Ready for the Ultimate Boxing Extravaganza?

Progoti: Paving the Way for Excellence

In the realm of boxing brilliance, Progoti takes center stage as a key partner in “THE GREATEST SHOW.” Their commitment to excellence aligns seamlessly with the unparalleled standards of this extraordinary event.


J4 Security: Safeguarding Every Moment

Safety is paramount, and J4 Security stands as the fortress ensuring a secure environment for both fighters and spectators. Discover how their expertise elevates the event’s grandeur.


The Box: Where Innovation Meets Boxing

Step into “The Box,” a revolutionary partner adding a touch of innovation to this grand spectacle. Uncover how their unique contributions redefine the boxing experience.


Tickify.live: Your Gateway to Unmatched Excitement

As the official Ticket Partner, Tickify.live invites you to secure your spot in the heart of the action. Explore the seamless ticketing experience that adds to the thrill of “THE GREATEST SHOW.”


JCI Bangladesh: Igniting Youth Engagement

Empowering the youth is JCI Bangladesh, the Youth Engagement Partner. Dive into how this collaboration sparks inspiration and involvement, creating a legacy beyond the boxing ring.


Le Méridien Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Discover the epitome of grandeur with Le Méridien Dhaka, Bangladesh., the Venue Partner. Unravel how this prestigious venue becomes the canvas for the breathtaking performance that awaits.


T Sports: Bringing the Event to Your Screen

Your ringside seat extends beyond the venue with T Sports, the TV Partner. Explore how they bring the electrifying atmosphere of “THE GREATEST SHOW” directly to your living room.


In the electrifying world of boxing, “THE GREATEST SHOW” promises an unforgettable experience, fueled by the collective brilliance of Progoti, J4 Security, The Box, Tickify.live, JCI Bangladesh, Le Méridien Dhaka, Bangladesh, Bangladesh, and T Sports. Get ready to witness excellence, innovation, and youth empowerment converging in a spectacular event that transcends boundaries. Secure your tickets, mark the date, and join us for a night that redefines boxing entertainment.E SGRHE


Gratitude to Partners: Nagad Mobile Banking Bangladesh

Supporting the Spectacle: Nagad Mobile Banking Bangladesh


A heartfelt thank you to our sponsor and partners, Nagad Mobile Banking Bangladesh. Their commitment fuels the event, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. From ticket transactions to in-event purchases, Nagad Mobile Banking Bangladesh adds a layer of convenience that complements the high-octane energy of the night.


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