The Greatest Show” Boxing Event – Brishti Khatun Vs Jui Lima Undercard Bout 

Experience the thrilling clash between Brishti Khatun and Jui Lima in the Undercard Bout of “The Greatest Show” on 8th March 2024 at Dhaka Uttara Club LTD. Join us for an unforgettable evening of boxing brilliance! 



Step into the ring of excitement as the Undercard Bout unfolds featuring Brishti Khatun and Jui Lima. This article takes you on a journey through their achievements, the event details, and the anticipation building up to this monumental clash at Dhaka Uttara Club LTD on 8th March 2024. 


Unveiling Brishti Khatun: Boxing Sensation 

Embark on the inspiring journey of Brishti Khatun, from her humble beginnings to becoming a sensation in the boxing world. Explore the milestones and achievements that define her career. 


Jui Lima: A Rising Star in the Boxing Arena 

Delve into the background and rise of Jui Lima as a promising star in professional boxing. Learn about her unique style and notable victories that have marked her ascent. 


Dhaka Uttara Club LTD: The Arena of Legends 

Discover the historical significance of Dhaka Uttara Club LTD as a legendary venue in the world of boxing. Relive past iconic events that have contributed to the club’s legacy. 


Breaking Down the Undercard Bout Format 

Understand the significance and structure of Undercard Bouts in major boxing events. Explore how these bouts impact the careers of fighters and contribute to the overall spectacle. 


Behind the Scenes: Brishti Khatun’s Training Regimen 

Gain exclusive insights into Brishti Khatun’s preparation for the Undercard Bout. Explore the key elements of her training regimen that contribute to her excellence in the ring. 


Jui Lima’s Boxing Philosophy: A Deep Dive 

In exclusive interview snippets, Jui Lima shares her perspective on boxing. Analyze the philosophy that shapes her approach to the sport and sets her apart as a contender. 


Social Media Buzz: Fan Expectations 

Feel the excitement building on social media platforms as fans predict and discuss the upcoming bout. Explore the expectations and anticipation leading to the Undercard Bout. 


Strategies and Styles: Brishti vs. Jui 

Contrast the boxing styles of Brishti Khatun and Jui Lima. Explore potential strategies and tactics that might unfold during this exciting clash in the ring. 


Pre-Event Interviews: Brishti and Jui Speak 

Read extracts from pre-event interviews with Brishti Khatun and Jui Lima. Gain insights into their mindset and expectations as they prepare for the Undercard Bout. 


Countdown to “The Greatest Show” 

Get ready for the main event by exploring promotional events and activities that build excitement. Experience the countdown to the grand spectacle on 8th March 2024. 



As “The Greatest Show” approaches, the Undercard Bout featuring Brishti Khatun and Jui Lima promises an evening of electrifying boxing action. Join us at Dhaka Uttara Club LTD on 8th March 2024 for an unforgettable experience. 


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Where can I purchase tickets for the Undercard Bout? 


Tickets can be purchased on the official event website and affiliated platforms. Ensure to secure your seat for this thrilling clash. 

How can I watch the Brishti Khatun vs. Jui Lima bout live? 


The bout will be streamed live on various platforms. Check official channels for details on live streaming. 

What time does the Undercard Bout start? 


The bout is scheduled to commence at [Event Start Time]. Early tuning is recommended for pre-fight coverage. 

Are there any COVID-19 protocols at Dhaka Uttara Club LTD? 


Check the official guidelines for COVID-19-related restrictions and safety measures at the venue. 

What makes the Dhaka Uttara Club LTD a historic venue for boxing? 


Explore the historical significance of Dhaka Uttara Club LTD and its contribution to the legacy of boxing events. 

How do Undercard Bouts impact the careers of boxers? 


Learn about the significance of Undercard Bouts and their influence on the trajectory of a boxer’s career. 

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