The Bangladesh Professional Boxing Society has organised an exciting event called the DRMC Boxing Festival 2024.

The Bangladesh Professional Boxing Society is organising the DRMC Boxing Festival 2024, which promises to be an exciting display of skill and talent in the ring. This event is scheduled for May 19, 2024, and will be held against the backdrop of the Dhaka Residential Model College. The event promises to enthral spectators and boxing aficionados alike with its amazing lineup of experienced fighters competing in boxing matches.

Revealing the Boxing Bout List: Jui Lima vs. Bristi Khatun
Jui Lima and Brishti Khatun square off in the first match of the evening, which sets the tone for the whole affair. As they compete for the win, watch out for both competitors’ ferocious will and cunning strategies.

Abu Siddiq vs. Hera Miya
Hera Miya and Abu Siddiq square off in the second fight, which is anticipated to be a power and accuracy battle. This bout is sure to have fans on the edge of their seats since each combatant will be bringing their own approach to the ring.

Naseem Ahmed vs. Muhammad Salman
In the third fight, Md. Naseem Ahmed and Muhammad Salman square off. There’s a lot of excitement as two accomplished boxers trade blows, hoping to see some impressive technique and agility.

Al Amin Sheikh vs Raju Mia
In the fourth fight, Raju Mia and Al Amin Sheikh take the centre stage, displaying their fortitude and tenacity in the ring. Their rivalry becomes more intense with every round, setting up an exciting matchup.

Shohag Ali vs Mehedi Hasan
Mehedi Hasan and Shohag Ali enter the arena next, eager to show off their skills and tenacity. Both boxers show their dedication to winning as the crowd applauds them.

Abdul Hamid vs. Joynul Islam
Joynul Islam and Abdul Hamid square off in the penultimate fight, which promises to be a battle of talent and strategy. The struggle for domination between these strong opponents changes the momentum with every round.

Badhon vs. Shahin Khan
Shahin Khan and Md Badhon square off in the evening’s main bout, which promises to be an exciting test of strength and stamina. Both boxers give it their all in the ring as the crowd erupts in excitement, hoping to win.

In summary
Boxing fans can look forward to an amazing experience at the DRMC Boxing Festival 2024, which will include the best boxers in the business. This event is a monument to the passion and commitment of the athletes and organisers engaged, with an exciting schedule of bouts and a lively atmosphere.

Is there public access to the DRMC Boxing Festival?
Indeed, tickets are available for purchase at the venue or in advance for the public event.

Are there any notable guests that you anticipate attending the festival?
Even though no formal announcements have been made, well-known boxing figures might make unexpected debuts.

Will there be food and drink served throughout the event?
Indeed, during the festival, there will be food and drink vendors for attendees to enjoy.

Are there any guidelines regarding taking pictures or videos during the games?
For personal use, photography and filming are permitted; however, professional equipment may need permission in advance.

After the fights, would there be a chance to meet the boxers?
After their fights, certain boxers might engage in meet-and-greets with fans, depending on their availability.


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