Muhammad Asad Knockout Challenge, BPBS

Bangladesh’s Historic Night of Professional Boxing

In a groundbreaking event, Bangladesh witnessed a historic night of professional boxing as two formidable boxers, Jaynal Islam Joy and Abdul Mottalib, squared off for an intense ten-round battle. This showdown was the first of its kind in Bangladesh, marking a significant milestone in the country’s growing passion for the sport.


The Main Event: Jaynal Islam Joy vs. Abdul Mottalib

The spotlight was on Jaynal Islam Joy and Abdul Mottalib as they took center stage for a thrilling ten-round bout. Both fighters showcased their skills, determination, and unwavering spirit, leaving the audience in awe. This match will undoubtedly be remembered as a pivotal moment in Bangladesh’s boxing history.


Exhibition Bouts

In addition to the main event, the evening featured four exhibition bouts that added to the excitement of the night. One notable exhibition was the “Muhammad Asad Knockout Challenge,” presented by AF Boxing Gym & Promotion and sanctioned by the Bangladesh Professional Boxing Association. This exhibition displayed the incredible talent and dedication of young boxers.

Nine More Thrilling Fights

As the crowd roared with excitement, the night unfolded with nine more action-packed fights. Each bout brought its own unique intensity and showcased the immense skill and determination of the boxers. These fights further solidified Bangladesh’s growing reputation in the world of professional boxing.

Date, Time, and Venue

The event took place at the Mohammad Asad Boxing Arena on October 14, 2023, at 3:00 PM. This venue has become synonymous with high-level boxing events, and it provided the perfect setting for this historic occasion.

Distinguished Guests

The night was graced by the presence of distinguished guests who added to the event’s prestige. Notable figures in attendance included:


    • Member of the Advisory Council, Bangladesh Awami-League
    • Chief Advisor, Bangladesh Professional Boxing Association

    • Actor & Model

    • Head, International Hepatology Division, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University, Dhaka
    • Visiting Professor, Department of Gastroenterology, Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine, Matsuyama, Japan

A Memorable Night

The historic boxing event has come to a close, leaving an indelible mark on Bangladesh’s sports landscape. It was a night of sportsmanship, talent, and remarkable achievements. The support of the audience, as well as the dedication of the boxers, made this night truly special.

As we reflect on this momentous occasion, we can only anticipate the continued growth of professional boxing in Bangladesh. With each event, the country’s passion for the sport deepens, and it won’t be long before we witness even more thrilling and historic moments in the ring.

This event will be remembered not only for the boxing matches but also for the unity and enthusiasm it brought to the audience. It was a night when Bangladesh celebrated its love for boxing and showed the world its potential in the sport.

While this specific event is over, it serves as a promising sign of what’s to come in the world of professional boxing in Bangladesh. The future holds more excitement, more talent, and more unforgettable moments in the rin

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